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NewTrent NT120R review and abuse test

After having a rugged battery like this I can’t imagine going back to a simple unit, especially the waterproofing, never worry in the rain while hiking! I would highly recommend this for heavy outdoor usage or other rugged usage! Real-life power: I tested this battery for several days, topping off the NT120R battery, Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy to 100% and then did nothing but charge from the battery for that time period. During this time I used the devices as normal, I usually get about 24 hours battery life out of both devices.

GSIII days/times charged: Day 1: 70%-100% Day 2: 54%-100% Day 3: 45%-100% Day 4: 54%-73% (no more power in NT120R)

Nexus 7 days/times charged: Day 2: 15%-100% Day 2: 90%-100% Day 3: 61%-100%

Overall: I would highly recommend this device. While I have been using this device for charging I can’t imagine not having an extra powerpak like this. Again, I think every tech guy/gal needs one of these devices! New Trent provided the device for review

Here is a link to the first quick water test I did:

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