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Rseat RS1 Fanatec Podium DD1 force feedback test

Spoiler: Got a DD1 for an upgrade!!!

Future post on that coming, but I had a question about Direct Drive wheel on the RS1 and if it would be strong enough to handle the added force. So I decided to test it…

For this test I ran at various levels of Force Feedback (FF) from a lighter than normal all of the way up to 100% FF challenge that some other YouTubers do for fun. You can see that the rig does have some flex at the higher FF levels, but overall it holds up pretty well.

My advice would be that if you have an RS1 you should feel pretty comfortable getting a direct drive wheel. However, if you are thinking about getting an RS1 and you are planning on getting direct drive, you’d be better off getting an S1 or N1 from RSeat for a bit more stability. Another option given the added price of those other rigs would be an 8020 rig from 4PlayRacing if in the US or SimLab if outside of the US.

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