Rseat RS1 Fanatec Podium DD1 force feedback test

Spoiler: Got a DD1 for an upgrade!!! Future post on that coming, but I had a question about Direct Drive wheel on the RS1 and if it would be strong enough to handle the added force. So I decided to test it… For this test I ran at various levels of Force Feedback (FF) from […]

Can’t pass up a good deal…

So in addition to the OpenWheeler rig when I saw this rig I just had to snatch it up. RSeat RS1Fanatec CSW v2 baseForza Universal hubClubsport Pedals v3Shifter v1.5Rseat Shifter UpgradeRSeat Triple monitor stand, RSEAT RS STAND T3L RSeat keyboard and mouse tray

Got the new rig

OpenWheeler game seatFanatec ClubSport v2.5 baseFanatec Porsche 918 RSR WheelFanatec ClubSport v3 pedalsCushion is for the kids trying this out (you can see the seat/wheel is a bit close in the image above as well. I picked this rig up locally and have been happy with it so far. If there was one thing I […]

NewTrent Trentium6L review

Here’s another review of a great durable case for the iPhone 6 Plus. This case has the best protection you can get under $20

Building new computer for new sim rig

Why would you need a case? In reality, I will be installing this in a case, but I am modding the case for use in this build. I have an old Thermaltake Armor case that I am adding some holes/grommets for better wiring and painting the inside so it looks better. That work has been […]

RAVPower portable charger for review

I purchased this RAVPower portable charger for review. Overall this is a really nice charger, I liked it so much I bought another one and the company offered to send me another one for a follow-up review as well.

Replacing the old sim “rig”

More of a starter “rig”, it was just a Logitech G25 and an office chair, but it’s what I had been using for years. For the first time in over 20 years I will no longer have a logitech wheel setup. I started years ago with a joystick, then Logitech Formula Force wheel and later […]

Arcadia screen protector review

This video is a review of the Arcadia screen protector for iPhone. The review is using an older iPhone 5/5s but will apply to newer phones with the same brand/type of screen protector as well.